CI/CD Setup & Implementation

CI or Continuous Integration, is a software development practice in which all developers merge code changes in a central repository multiple times a day. CD stands for Continuous Delivery, which on top of Continuous Integration adds the practice of automating the entire software release process. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody a culture, set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.

Why CI/CD implementation

  • Thorough and Reliable automated testing
  • Accelerated feedback loop
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reliable and faster Release process
  • Easy Maintenance and Updates
  • Decreased interpersonal conflict
  • Increase Team Transparency and Accountability

Accion Labs CI/CD implementation

As Continuous Integration experts, our developers rely on CI’s effective form of cross-team communication. The high level of consistent communication ensured by best Continuous Integration practices means that all changes to any kind of software build are incorporated in a timely fashion, which saves your organization both valuable time and resources. Continuous Delivery (CD) is the natural next step after Continuous Integration. The most efficient, reliable way to get any and all software changes into production, the Continuous Delivery engineering approach makes releasing software secure, reliable, and low-risk. By implementing incremental changes on a daily basis, CD allows you to release new software instantly, at the push of a button.

Accion Advantage

Here in Accion, we follow the approach based on a streamlined, automated process, from building and testing to the release itself, our Continuous Delivery experts will help you reduce your deployment risk while enabling you to see deployments in production. Ultimately, Continuous Delivery will help your organization get your software in front of your users faster, which means you can assess the changes’ value quickly and accurately.

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