Innovation Developments

Building technically superior products is necessary, but not sufficient to make products successful in the market. Innovative products need to follow a well-defined Innovation Development Lifecycle that involves critical additional upfront activities that help reduce rework in later stages of the development lifecycle. Also, the IDLC adds more checkpoints to the development lifecycle that help evaluate and control the innovation development process so that it fits customer and market needs the best.

The IDLC Center of Excellence focuses on building knowledge of best practices and frameworks that help guide the innovation development process.

The IDLC CoE provides guidance and workshops to address Innovation Design including:

  • Market Assessments
  • Prototype Testing
  • User Surveys
  • Innovation Drivers
  • Technical Assessments

In addition, the IDLC CoE offers ongoing audits of product development projects that act as guard rails for ensuring that products do not veer away from the critical factors that determine the success of the products.

Focus Areas


Design Thinking

Market Research

Application Re-engineering Strategies

Product Design



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