About Accion Labs

We are a cloud engineering company committed to helping you transform your business using emerging technologies.

Success Stories
Over 300

Our Story

Could one reimagine the supply chain of software development? We did exactly that back in 2000, right after the internet bubble had burst. We realized that common building blocks of software will emerge, enabling technology organizations to assemble solutions versus building everything from scratch.

Who We Are

We are a team of engineers, designers, thinkers, product managers, problem solvers, and more. We are bound by our commitment to help teams succeed and by our culture of innovation.
Driving Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is the process of re-imagining a business or an ecosystem of businesses through combining cloud technologies with the eventual end goal of growing the business, making social impact and increasing stakeholder value, engagement and happiness.

Our Beliefs


Innovation Happens At Every Level

Innovation is the primary job responsibility for some as part of Accion Innovation Center (AIC), but participation from everyone is what puts innovation at the very heart of Accion culture.

The Pace Of Technology Change Is Accelerating

Technology changes faster than we can implement it and the pace is only increasing, and hence continuous lifelong learning is the only way to stay relevant.

An Inclusive Culture Attracts Best Talent

Diverse ideas and viewpoints keep work interesting, engaging, and increase creativity. A culture that is inclusive by design is therefore key to attract the best of the best in talent.

Collaboration Solves Most Complex Problems

If you have to build a multi-story skyscraper or want to send a rocket to Mars, you can’t do it alone, no matter how talented you are. Most complex problems are easily solved by a collaborative effort driven by open communication, mutual respect and individual accountability.

Being Socially Aware And Responsible Is Motivating

Helping someone makes us happy, so it's not just our responsibility to be socially responsible, we do it because it motivates us. At Accion, we also strive to be socially aware by proactively solving for technology needs of the under-served.

Democratizing Innovation
At Accion, we believe that innovation happens at every level of an organization. Our process of fostering innovation via AIC (Accion Innovation Center), Accathons, Employee led product demos, and contribution to open source projects has created a unique culture for innovation.

How We Work

At Accion, we have three horizontal lines of services that are platform-agnostic and cross-cutting across six technology domains of cloud engineering and digital transformation services.

Horizontal Services

  • Business and Digital Consulting Services
  • Innovation and Engineering Services
  • Managed Services

Technology Services

  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Legacy-Cloud Modernization
  • Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps and RPA
  • Data & Analytics
  • Cloud-SaaS
  • Legacy IT and Others

We offer our clients a range of collaborative, white-box engagement models to build new products and reengineering legacy products using emerging technologies and best practices. Our clients range from startups/early stage firms to large enterprises. We realize that different clients have different needs, and we are often able to tailor our services to suit our clients’ requirements.

Technology Strategy & Business Consulting

We can help your organization identify opportunities that transform your business and make it more competitive with innovative use of today’s technologies. We can develop a business and technology strategy, product roadmap and an execution plan that are optimized for your vertical industry.

Outcome Based Project Delivery

If you have a project with a well-defined scope, we can help develop a solution from scratch or reengineer your existing solutions to use emerging technologies so that your technology solutions are ready to scale, have better user experience, are more secure, and get more automated.

Collaborative Development Center

Through the CDC model, we can help technology firms set up their own remote delivery teams at your own site, near-shore (another city that is in the same time zone as your business) or offshore at one of our many global development centers. In all models, you benefit from our execution expertise and methodologies using agile software development.

Value Added Pro Staffing Services


If you need to augment your IT or Engineering organizations with qualified talent for a finite period of time or on a longer term basis, we can offer our own talent pool of 1500+ resources and can help you find highly skilled technical resources from our database of over 20000 resources. We can offer this talented pool on a contract, contact-to-hire, contract-with-option-to-hire and on a permanent basis.

To save your time and improve the efficiency of the screening process, we leverage an Agile/Scrum based resource allocation model that focuses on checklist-based hiring, a highly skilled technology panel, a collection of online tools for applicant tracking, online testing, collaborative/video interviewing, and offline test taking. In addition, we use a strong post-selection on-boarding process for induction of new resources into Accion culture and client organization/projects. We take care of all travel and relocation planning and provide continuous support/performance management for resources that we provide for your projects.

Our Founders

Accion Labs Founders
Accion Labs Founders, Kinesh Doshi, Sandesh Sukumaran, Tony Kernan

Accion History


Since its original founding in 2011 in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Accion Labs has expanded its innovation engineering capabilities. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, 20 locations (and counting) are serviced worldwide and 4000+ engineers work to bring visions to life. Presently, with this global infrastructure, Accion is helping clients reimagine their business ecosystem while making social impacts and increasing stakeholder engagement, happiness, and value.

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