Accion Innovation Center

Accion Innovation Center aka AIC is a think-tank of pioneers, designers, engineers, and industry experts associated with Accion Labs involved in creating state-of-the-art technologies to drive innovation for digital solutions and product engineering.

AIC collates, nurtures, and develops cutting-edge ideas involving emerging technologies to create blueprints, readily usable components, and architectural framework. AIC thrives to make the digital product engineering journey simple and efficient for our clients.

Centers of Excellence

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Accion Labs team divides AIC into 7 Centers of Excellence (CoE) identified through years of technology experience and expertise. We believe that each of the 7 CoEs is a must and plays an important role during various phases of the product engineering journey. The 7 CoEs revolve around Innovation Development, Human Computer Interaction, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Technology Architecture and Operations Management.

Innovation Development Lifecycle

The IDLC CoE helps innovative products follow a well-defined Innovation Development Lifecycle (IDLC) that extends the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to include upfront effort and activities that help design products that are not merely technically superior, but also perform well in the market.

Human Computer Interaction

Interfaces between technology products and humans are a complex and often under-emphasized aspect of product engineering. The Human-Computer Interaction CoE focuses on guidelines, methodologies, and tools that help define and design interfaces and implement successful digital products.

Architecture and Technology Platforms

To build products that are scalable, flexible enough to modify in response to fast-changing market needs, and yet are able to go to market in a short period of time requires the right choice of architecture and technology platforms. The Architecture and Technology Platforms CoE focuses on research into architectural best practices and emerging technologies, to provide guidance and support to product engineering teams to make the right choices in architectural design and technology platforms for products that are "Built For Change and Scale".

Data Analytics and Insights

Data is the lifeblood of all digital applications. However, data solutions, technologies, and architecture are evolving rapidly with the exponential increase in volume, velocity, and variety of data generated across all spheres of human endeavor. The Data Analytics and Insights CoE provide solutions that help optimize data investments to help generate value that has a direct impact on organizational throughput.

DevOps and Automation

For digital products today need to be “Built for Change and Scale”, it becomes mandatory that the software development lifecycle is automated, and involves a minimum of manual tasks. The DevOps and Automation CoE provides solutions, technologies, and platforms for implementing a fully automated, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) process.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Today, 90% of companies use some or the other type of cloud services. Our Cloud and Infrastructure CoE leverages these stats to give our customers adequate cloud computing service. The team works on modern infrastructure, platforms, and data intelligence for a seamless migration to the cloud.

Operations and Delivery Management

Businesses that use operations and delivery management services at the core of their operations are able to function multidimensionally. Our team under this CoE focuses on planning strategies to implement IT Ops in a way to get a seamless day-to-day process transformation.

Innovators At the Helm


Ashutosh Bijoor

Global Chief Technology Officer

Dwaip Chowdhury (DC)

Chief Architect

Kinesh Doshi

Group CEO

Ramesh Narasimhan

Global - Chief Delivery Officer

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People Centric Innovation

At Accion Labs we believe technology has the power to transform people's lives. Our Accion Innovation Center continues to initiate and nurture products and platforms specifically designed to impact the lives of those who are not fortunate enough to leverage access to technology.

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Get to know about all the in-house action happening at the Accion Innovation Center.

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