Our Core Values

At Accion Labs, a large part of our growth story has been driven by our core values. With global teams spread across continents, it is our core values that are the guiding tenets that bond us with a shared sense of purpose and trust. We encourage curiosity, new ideas, and broadening the horizons of our talent force to nurture the innovation mindset.

Our Core Purpose

Impacting Lives by Transforming Businesses through Innovation.

THRIVE - Our Value System

The word ‘Accion’ originates from the Spanish word acción meaning action. And we are aggressively authentic in our actions here at Accion Labs.

Our core values are the bedrock of the company culture. These core values created and nurtured from the very founding years of Accion Labs, they define how we interact with one another, how we interact with our customers, and how decisions are made.

Together We THRIVE at Accion Labs!

T - Total Ownership Mindset

  • Takes responsibility for outcomes
  • Takes initiative to bring about positive results
  • Builds collaboration, accountability and trust in the teams he/she works

H - Humility and Helpfulness

  • Is open to ideas, thoughts and feedback from others

  • Actively listens and shows genuineness in his/her interactions

  • Inspires positivity through helpful attitude

  • Is accessible and approachable to all colleagues

R - Result oriented

  • Focuses on solving problems

  • Sees the big picture and works towards collective success

  • Drives outcomes through actions

I - Innovation Everywhere

  • Takes actions differently to achieve better results

  • Strives to continuously learn and grow to innovate

  • Practices culture of innovation and creativity

V - Value Creation

  • Understands what creates value and creates a win-win situation

  • Delivers solutions above and beyond

  • Recognizes that actions are not complete till they generate value

E - Empathy and Respect

  • Cultivates compassion and pays attention to the feelings
  • Practices mindful listening and treats people with kindness
  • Respects all stakeholders

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