Accion Innovation Summit

Over the years, Accion Labs has grown from 10 people in a tiny office in Pittsburgh, USA to a globally distributed company of over 5000 people spread across 20 locations worldwide. But with this growth, came the need to connect our globally distributed teams, come together under one roof and recreate the creative energies that made us successful. The Innovation Summit is an annual event where we invite technology leaders, AIC development teams and our customers across all locations to create a microcosm of creativity and excitement. We talk about new technologies that are emerging, discuss learnings from the multitude of products and projects we have developed, and make plans for an exciting year ahead.

Digital Technologies
Tech Talks
Code Walkthroughs
Live Demos

Navigate New And Emerging Technologies

Know more about various innovative technologies, industry best practices and upcoming trends in software development.

Meet Technology Leaders

Interact with technology leaders from Accion’s centers of excellence who have worked on best practices and emerging technologies in their respective areas of specialization.

Experience Live Demos and Code Walkthroughs

Get access to the code development journeys, leapfrog strategies, product development roadmaps on how to use various new tools for product engineering.

Learn More About Accelerated Development

Know more on how our development teams are pioneering innovative solutioning strategies using various process accelerators, digital engines and architecture blueprints.

Make Plans For An Exciting Year Ahead With Accion !

In addition to learning the latest technology trends, you will have a chance to visit one of development centres, experience yoga, Bollywood dancing and much more!

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