Redefining Traditional Money Management with a Scalable Wealth Management Platform

Venu G Reddy

At Accion Labs, we have the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients spread across disparate industries. The challenges they face drives us to create unique solutions based on the blueprints that we have put together. We have never subscribed to the “one size fits all” mantra, and believe that putting together individual, customized solutions for clients is a beneficial, long-term approach. Therefore, when a venture capital fund that invests in the world’s leading education technology companies came to us wanting to build a web-based personal wealth investment platform, we sat together with them, and devised a product that helped them immensely.


Our client was an exciting new startup that wanted to revolutionize traditional wealth management. As a company, they believe in taking a hands-on approach in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses into transformative, category-leading companies. The client’s primary line of business is wealth management services to households in the United States that have historically had limited access to professional financial advisory services. They consider themselves as disruptors in the traditional wealth management space by using low-fee ETFs and mutual funds to improve diversification, helping clients invest efficiently, and with lower fees.


The customer was facing multi-fold challenges and wanted a scalable solution to address these challenges. To begin with, the customer’s existing wealth management platform was not scalable and due to its architecture, nearly unserviceable. Additionally, they wanted to smoothly transition to an intuitive and modern UX-driven platform, leveraging modern UI frameworks like Bootstrap, D3JS, and AngularJS to provide superior UX to customers. Furthermore, their monolithic architectural design forced them to reduce the number of changes necessary in the system.


Our solution was a scalable, easily serviceable wealth investment platform. We put together an intricate solution comprising different parts, but one that added up to being one single, unified investment platform aimed at simplifying the client’s requirements. The UI design and architecture we developed was powered by utilizing the AngularJS and Bootstrap framework. Additionally, with a brand new UI, put together after multiple rounds of discussions and reviews, we simplified the portfolio analysis and allocation process, suitably aided by interactive visualizations in the form of numerous financial charts and graphs by leveraging the D3JS library.

One of the primary pain points was their monolithic architecture-based design, which limited the type of changes possible. We converted it into a seamless REST-based architecture that also enabled seamless communication between UI and backend components. QA automation was enabled on the back of the Selenium framework, while third-party integration for multi-factor authentication was powered by Authy API. Furthermore, we utilized Jenkins and Github for automating build deployment.

After the initial phase, we embarked on the mobile app development journey for the client-facing application. For this, on the tech front, we utilized Ionic 4 with Angular 5 for development, two of the newest technologies in the mobile development space. We completed development successfully within the agreed timeframes, and that’s not all.

Five months after we completed the project, the client wrote back to us with a couple of user testimonials, who were highly impressed. At Accion Labs, we consider this to be our biggest and greatest validation - end consumers satisfied with what we have created keeping their exact needs in mind.

In case you are seeking to create something similar, Contact us and we will build something interesting together.

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